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Consistently ranked in the world’s top 20 countries for exceptional quality of life, peace, and human development, Ireland is increasingly becoming a top choice among Indian students. With a vibrant culture that rewards entrepreneurial spirit and offers multiple opportunities to grow professionally, the country will teach you lessons that go beyond the class curriculum.

  • 1Why Study in Ireland?

    Cost of Studying

    Studying in Ireland is not as expensive as it is in other European countries, which is why Ireland has become a favorite study destination for students. The fee structure varies from course to course as you might have to spend more for an MBA degree than other courses. The undergraduate students are expected to pay €45,000 to €55,000 for medicine-related subjects whereas you have to pay around €9,950 to €25,000 for engineering, science, and technology. The tuition fee for business, arts, and humanities will be around €9,750 to €22,000.

    Financial Aid

    The Irish government provides a variety of scholarships for international students in Ireland. The different types of funding available for international students are as follows:

    Government funding

    It is always best to check if your home country provides overseas education funding opportunities. But if that’s not the case, the Irish government offers several scholarships for international students.

    Non-governmental scholarships

    There are any international organizations which offer financial aid for your overseas education in Ireland. Several institutes like Limerick and Trinity Dublin provide scholarships for Indian students. While the Master’s scholarships program offers financial aid to Brazilian students, who have already studied in Ireland.

    University scholarships

    The Irish universities also offer scholarships for international students such as the Dublin city university which has a 4-year law Ph.D. scholarship. It is quite an advantage that almost every Irish university provides a diverse range of scholarships and funding for international students.

    Some of the scholarships are:

    • Irish Aid funded Fellowship Training Program
    • DIT CEntenary Scholarship program
    • Galway Mayo Institute of Technology scholarship
    • Claddagh Scholarship Program
    • Fulbright Scholarships
    • The Walsh Fellowships
    • NUI Galway International Student Scholarships
    • DCU International Student Scholarships
    • Maynooth University Scholarships
    • UCC Excellence Scholarships
    • Accommodation and Living Expenses

    There are many options for student accommodation in Ireland. The four main types of student accommodations are:

    • On-campus
    • Off-campus
    • Private Accommodation
    • Homestay

    On average, you might have to spend around €4,000 per year on rent and accommodation. However, it depends on the type of accommodation you choose as the rent can be low for hostels and homestays compared to private housing.

    An international student might have to spend around €600 to €1000 per month in Ireland, but the prices differ a lot if you are staying in a small town. The average living expenses for an international student can be as follows:

    • Daily utilities – €28 to €252
    • Food and Beverages – €167 to €1,503
    • Travel – €135 to €1215
    • Books and class materials – €70 to €630
    • Clothes and Medical Expense – €41 to €369
    • Mobile Charges – €31 to €279
    • Social life and miscellaneous – €75 to €675
  • 2What Exams are Required to Study in Ireland?
  • 3Ireland Student Visa Process

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